Spofford quoted on Mentoring Program in Northeastern University School of Law Magazine (Winter 2023)

Posted by Geoffrey E. SpoffordDec 13, 20130 Comments

In the article "From the Ground Up", Elaine McArdle writes about how "Northeastern Law graduates are helping to build a more diverse justice system in a four-pronged mentoring program that engages lawyers with students in high school, college and law school."

This is the "award-winning Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) Tiered Community Mentoring Program (TCM) ... [that] was designed to expose students — especially those from historically marginalized communities — to career choices in the justice profession."

"When [Judge Angela] Ordoñez approached Geoffrey Spofford '89 about launching a Worcester branch of the program in 2016, he was enthusiastic. A partner with Lian Zarrow, Spofford is a former president of the Worcester Bar Association. “We've never been a program trying to show people what the path is to become a lawyer or what kind of lawyer to become,” says Spofford, who now co-chairs TCM with Ordoñez. “We are trying to expose people to what you can do within the legal community.”

For the full text of the article from the magazine, please see: Northeastern-Law-W23.pdf

Full citation: "From the Ground Up", 107524-Northeastern-W23, Winter 2023, Vol. 23, No. 1, p26-31. Retrieved 2/28/2023.