Family law has always been a dynamic area of the law where the continuous stream of developments can change the legal landscape and people's lives from one day to the next. This is especially true in the area of same-sex family law. No area of family law has seen as much change in recent years.

Same-sex marriage and divorce are major issues that require representation who understands the developments that have occurred and are occurring. People may find themselves facing novel legal situations that call for exceptionally skilled guidance and advocacy. Some of the family law issues that same-sex couples may be facing include:

  • Divorce
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Civil unions
  • Adoption
  • Tax issues

A key issue in many same-sex family law matters can be location. For example, have you moved to Massachusetts from another state where you had a civil union? How long you have resided in Massachusetts can also have an impact on the matter you are attempting to resolve. Our attorneys can help you understand any jurisdictional issues that may be a part of your case.

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