Paternity cases involve child-related issues between parents who were never married. These cases often involve a variety of issues which can arise in many different situations. Sometimes a question of parentage can arise in a divorce as well. Our firm represents both fathers and mothers when paternity determinations need to be made.

Mothers – For mothers, a determination of paternity can be the first step toward securing child support that may be necessary to ensure the child is well provided for. Other benefits such as health insurance coverage may be a part of the benefits a determination of paternity helps secure.

Fathers – For fathers, a determination of paternity may be the only way they are able to secure their parental rights of child custody and visitation.

Many paternity determinations are not contested and the parties are able to work together to agree on paternity and the related issues of child support, child custody and visitation. In contested cases, a genetic test is almost always a component.

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At Lian Zarrow, we know the gravity that determinations of paternity can have on the lives of individuals and children, and we are dedicated to helping our clients secure the rights and benefits they deserve. Our decades of experience and the skills we have developed during that time allow us to offer superior representation to mothers and fathers who are facing questions of paternity.

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