Most parents have very strong ideas about how their children should be raised and will do anything to protect their relationship with their child. Decisions about child custody and visitation issues, whether as part of a divorce or as a separate matter, create a great potential for conflict if parents do not see eye to eye.

In order to preserve your relationship with your child and ensure that you have a voice regarding major decisions in your child's life, you should secure skilled and experienced representation.

The court will look to serve the best interests of the child in making a determination. A custody determination has two components:

  • Legal custody – This includes the right to make decisions regarding the child's upbringing and major-life decisions. Health care, education and religion are some of the areas where having legal custody gives you a voice.
  • Physical custody – The parent with whom the child resides has physical custody while the other parent will be said to have visitation, unless physical custody is shared equally between the parents

The court tends to favor shared custody arrangements between the parents unless circumstances such as physical abuse, substance abuse or domestic violence exist. If such concerns are present, the court may require supervised visits and grant one parent sole legal and physical custody.

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For decades, Lian Zarrow has been helping people fight to secure the child custody and visitation arrangements they need. We understand how critical these issues are for our clients and their children. We aim to help you pursue your goals while minimizing any unnecessary stress or anxiety for you or your children. We are committed to helping you take the steps you need to maintain a vital presence in your child's life.

Considering Moving Out Of State With Your Child?

Parents may not relocate with a child outside of Massachusetts without the permission of the other parent or the court. The burden to secure permission is on the parent who wishes to move with the child. Moving out of state without permission may result in a finding of contempt, emergency custody orders and charges of parental kidnapping.

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